What we do?

We are a 501c3 non-profit that supports families who need assistance with tuition support for early childhood education, care and more..

When you are struggling to make ends meet, to put food on the table, keep your kids clothed and make sure all your bills are paid and still fall short and are unable to afford childcare or preschool for your children where do you turn?

Some have been able to apply for state assistance but most don’t qualify or if they do a very small portion of what weekly childcare tuition costs is covered leaving a large portion left for the family to pay. Most do not get even this small amount of support and those that do are still left trying to find a way to make it work.

While there are some programs available to help families in need find and cover a small portion of childcare tuition there are waiting lists, limited funding, or are told they don’t meet the income requirements.

This is why Grateful Hearts Inc was created, to help more children gain access to high quality care and learning. We saw the struggle and hardships that fell upon families who were turned away, and as a result the children are left without a safe and supportive learning environment.

Grateful hearts inc has a desire to see children gain access to high quality care and learning, the families that will be receiving assistance will gain support and will be given the chance to change their children’s lives by being able to afford to send them to childcare and preschool facilities that are safe, supportive and are recognized as being high quality because now with the support of GHI they can afford to choose the best school for their child.

Who we support?

Low and middle class income based families

Who are struggling to find and afford to send their children (ages 6 weeks-5 years) to high quality learning and care programs due to affordability and financial hardships.


We help all type of families:

Single Parents


Foster and adoptive families

GHI does not discriminate

How we do it?

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No child should have to be denied access to high quality care and learning due to financial hardship.

Grateful Hearts Inc.

Assess Families

We assess each family’s situation individually to discover what factors may be preventing them from affording and enrolling their child into a high quality learning environment.

Give back program

We ask families who are receiving support through Grateful Hearts Inc. to participate in our Give back program. Our give back program includes parent classes, volunteer opportunities, and community events. The program lasts the duration of their contract and gives us an opportunity to grow and make connections with the families involved.

Licensed program pairing

To ensure our families are enrolling to a quality environment we have pre-scouted and partnered with qualifying facilities. We have a selection of qualified ECE centers throughout the valley to ensure we can assist families all throughout Las Vegas and its surrounding areas.

Reimbursement Program

Grateful Hearts Inc. will work together with partnered facilities to ensure the families’ tuitions are paid. Whether that means they have a small co-pay, they are given a scholarship, or are using GHI funds as a band-aid while they get on track again financially.